Sunday, May 12, 2013


Wow...I am blown away. When I got home from the NEQRP Luncheon and Birthday bash for #1 (W1FMR) I received an large envelope from ARRL and in it was an A1 Operator certificate...yikes!!!

I am honored, thrilled, shocked and flooded with emotion...I wish I knew the people who nominated and seconded me!!!  It's the biggest honor in ham radio I can possibly imagine that two of my peers would nominate me for this!!!!!!!  I remember when I read W2LJ's blog in 2006 when he received his...I was in awe, Larry...his words still ring true and his thoughts are how I feel...I'm overwhelmed!!!!

Yes...I need to repeat the words of my fox hunting buddy, I agree Larry I am "Flabbergasted, surprised, shocked and humbled" too...I felt the same way when I opened my envelope too.

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  1. Congratulations! I found myself on the list but never received a certificate. That's awesome! Well done and it's sure an honor when you find you made such a lasting impression on a few fellow hams!